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This act consists of a circus family: Mr. Carlo GENTILE and his wife Orlene . Both of them trained with the Hebei Acrobatic Troupe, Wuqiao Acrobatic School in Hebei Province, China, and are graduates of the Circus Center San Francisco’s Clown Conservatory.

The two artistes perform a foot juggling number which includes the synchronized kicking, tossing, spinning of large vases as well as passing vases to each other. A large table is also juggled. Depending on venue, a fire staff, basketballs, and cylinders are possible.

The artistes successfully toured in USA, UK, Italy, Austria, India, Thailand, Philippines, etc.

Duration of the act: 7 min.
2 artistes: 1 male, 1 female
Weight of the props: 125 kg
Volume: 1.13 cub.m
Minimum Stage Dimensions: 6’ deep x 15’ wide x 15’ high
Music: CD

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