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It was a long time ago, in the land of the Imagi Nation, that a great Wizard was confronted with the terrible silly boredom of all of the children in the land of the Imagi Nation. His magic was having no effect! He was so distressed that he started to cry. But as he cried and his tears hit the ground, POOF! They turned into Monkeys! Monkeys of all shapes and sizes! They hit the ground running and dancing and leaping! And they knew every kind of trick in the wizard's book! They juggled! They tumbled! They sang! Everything that was possible and fun for a kid to do they did! Eventually there were 888 Monkeys! 888 juggling, tumbling, singing, dancing Monkeys surrounding every bored child in the kingdom, seizing their attention and calming their tantrums! Soon the children were captivated! They learned the Monkeys' skills and even taught each other! The boredom fled, and happiness reigned again! And since this time, throughout the ages, whenever boredom creeps in again and infests the heart of children, the 888 Monkeys are summoned. But once they are summoned, once they are called up into being, they don't quit 'til the boredom is gone!
888 Monkeys. . . from unbridled imagination to unique creation
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Fool Time Circus...dedicated to promoting, performing and teaching circus arts in order to build confidence, expand life choices and inspire artistry.

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