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Each of the disciplines you will study with 888 Monkeys ASAP has its own special vocabulary. These unique word lists are called 'jargon' or 'lingo'.

Back Yard - Where circus performers prepare to make their entrance. This area is off limits to the general public. Dressing rooms, wardrobe and costume departments, the doctor's wagon, performer's rest area (equivalent to a theatre's Green Room) were all located in the back yard.

Downstage - Toward or at the front of a theatre stage. Abbreviated DS. Traditionally, theatre stages were sloped so that the part closest to the audience (downstage) was lower than the part farthest away (upstage). This slope helped audience members see what was happening on stage.

First of May - A person with the circus for his or her first season. This term comes from the traditional first day of the circus season, May 1. Before hitting the road, circuses were in Winter Quarters.

Stage Left - The side of a stage that is to a performer's left when facing the audience. Abbreviated SL.

Stage Right - The side of a stage that is to a performer's right when facing the audience. Abbreviated SR.

Upstage - In, at, or toward the rear part of a stage (the part of the stage farthest away from the audience). Abbreviated US. As a verb, upstage means to divert attention away from somebody else or to move toward the back of the stage in order to force another actor to turn his or her back to the audience.

Winter Quarters - A warm, winter home for circus people, their animals, props, and equipment. Most famous of all is Sarasota, Florida where the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus wintered. Sarasota is one of many cities in the US with its own youth circus. Sarasota's Sailor Circus has been entertaining for over 55 years! You can find out more about youth circuses at American Youth Circus Organization.

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