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"I have known and worked with the Gentiles for over 10 years. I have hired them as teachers for children from different backgrounds in a variety of venues. They are capable of teaching an incredible number of circus skills from basic tumbling and juggling to Chinese vertical poles and foot juggling. The Gentiles are able to articulate and demonstrate skills for all levels of students. I have used them to teach beginner to advanced youth. Their enthusiasm and love of what they do is contagious. Students enjoy learning from them."

Jessica Hentoff, Artistic/Executive Director
Circus Day Foundation

"Orlene and Carlo bring tremendous skills to every situation and I highly recommend them for any Circus Arts position working with youth. & They are flexible. They are skilled teachers and dedicated to furthering circus arts education. & They are active in the youth circus movement as organizers and volunteers. They bring out the best from the students and are always compatible with adult work partners. They are fun. They see the bigger picture. Once they accept a challenge, they are dauntless in its pursuit."

Aileen Moffitt, Director
Prescott Circus Theatre

"Carlo and Orlene establish an environment where it is safe for young people to try out new and often difficult skills. Within this 'no put down zone' the kids support and encourage each other. The circus campers are formed into multi-aged groups and learn routines that take advantage of their differences in size and strength. Carlo and Orlene both have a firm, but gentle manner of working with young people. They expect them to respect themselves and each other. They also expect them to open themselves up to learning new skills...and they do. Carlo and Orlene very rapidly learned each child's name and worked with them as individuals as well as within groups."

Sandy Solenberger, Volunteer Camp Coordinator
Kodiak Parks and Recreation Department

"They are hard working, funny, skilled and needs to have a lot of teaching experience, good performance material and, perhaps most importantly, a love of people and cultures that seem foreign at first. Of course, the Gentiles have the first two well covered. Add in Carlo's deep roots in Italy and Orlene's in the Philippines, combined with their globe trotting life and they become ideal candidates to succeed wonderfully."

Jeff Raz, Director of the Clown Conservatory
San Francisco's Circus Center

AYCO Festivals - Sarasota, FL; Minneapolis, MN
Berkshire Children's Circus - Pittsfield, MA
Bret Harte Middle School - San Jose, CA
Cascade Youth Circus - Seattle, WA
Center of Contemporary Arts - St. Louis, MO
Circus Arts Foundation - St. Louis, MO
Circus Center - San Francisco, CA
Circus Minimus - New York, NY
Circus Smirkus - Greensboro, VT
Clarendon Elementary - San Francisco, CA
Connecticut Historical Society - Hartford, CT
everydaycircus - St. Louis, MO
Garfield Elementary - Oakland, CA
Gordon Lau Elementary - San Francisco, CA
Kodiak Circus Camp - Kodiak, AK
Kripalu Center for Yoga - Lenox, MA
Lakeshore Elementary - San Francisco, CA
Laurel Elementary - Oakland, CA
Lockwood Elementary - Oakland, CA
Malcolm X Elementary - San Francisco, CA
Make*A*Circus - San Francisco, CA
Palma Ceia Elementary - Hayward, CA
Piedmont Avenue Elementary - Oakland, CA
Peterson Elementary - Kodiak, AK
Prescott Circus Theatre - Oakland, CA
Presentation High School - San José, CA
St. Louis University High - St. Louis, MO
Santa Clara University Theatre - Santa Clara, CA
Ursuline Academy - St. Louis, MO
Washington University Theatre - St. Louis, MO
Young Audiences-Northern California - San Francisco, CA
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